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Fabulous Fibonacci is a website explaining the mathematics and applications encompassing the famous Fibonacci sequence. We were most fascinated by the wide-range of real life applications associated with the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence also stood out especially because we were not only able to learn the development of mathematics through historical research, but also through studying everyday aspects of life. It was extremely intriguing to uncover the sequence’s complexities, while on the surface Fibonacci numbers seem very simple. Through the development of our website, we were able to explore and learn the history, proofs and properties relating to the sequence and it's applications to music, plants, animals, art etc. We designed the website so that others would also find it extremely appealing because it is written at a level that is easy to comprehend by most people. It also analyzes everyday elements in our lives that relate to mathematics.




Just to give you an idea of how relatable the Fibonacci sequence is, drag your mouse over the image below of the galaxy.






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